Black Betty white

Hi, I ‘m 
Black Betty "white"

the "cool blonde"!

I’m cheeky, fruity
and passionate,
naturally "blonde", exotic
and with the right curves. 

Whether extravagant power woman,
crazy party girl,
sexy rockstar or
your best friend
I’m the one and only!
Always cool,
even if it’s getting hot!

I’m your palatalpetting
with long lasting pleasure guarantee!
Your new "B(L)OND GIRL"

I must admit:
I owe my charisma to Pinot Blanc,
my smile is due to Muskateller,
my beautiful eyes are courtesy
of Rotgipfler and Riesling

I blame the "PIWI’s" for my wild temper
and of course I’m organic and vegan too!

Have fun and stay cool! Cheers!
Yours, Black Betty "white"

Feel like a hot flirt?
Have you met my sisters, yet?

Black Betty red - darked,
fruity and opulent.

Simply irresistible!

Black Betty pink
the "cool blonde"!

be sassy, wild and drink pink!

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