Black Betty Wein

Hi I'm
Black Betty

and I'm already waiting for you.

I`m fat, corpulent and have
certain curves you may like.
My lovers describe me as
dark-red, fruity and opulent.

Be my one night stand
or take me to parties,
I'm 'open' for almost everything!

Just don’t let me wait too long,
because there are many others
who want to meet me!

You probably won’t believe it,
but I'm a spouse of the
first well-working triangle-relationship.
But now let's have fun together!
xoxo Betty
Feel like a hot flirt?
Have you met my sisters, yet?

Black Betty white, the “cool blonde”
cheeky, fruity and passionate,


They are worth it!

Black Betty pink the "cool blonde"!
be sassy, wild and drink pink!

The new seduction for all wine-lovers!

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